Buying A Home?


It’s All About Listening


Have you ever worked with a broker who kept showing you homes that didn’t fit your needs or your price range? It’s so frustrating! That’s why my first job when working with a buyer is to be an expert listener. We won’t waste our time touring properties you can’t or won’t buy. Instead, we’ll systematically look and homes I’ve determined best fit your needs. And this isn’t a one-time process. I’ll continue to refine my search throughout the process so I’m constantly delivering homes that are relevant to your search.

Once we find that perfect home, I’ll use my experience to present the most competitive offer possible and then negotiate hard with your best interests in mind. Most of all, I want this process to be FUN! Buying a new home is the ultimate shopping trip and together we can make it great.

When you choose Paula to help find your next home, you’ll get:

A Trusted Advisor

  • Buying a home can be complicated, so I take time to educate my clients about the process. From pre-qualification, to contracts & disclosures, to closing, I’ll be there to explain everything.
  • Before we start looking at properties, I’ll conduct a thorough needs analysis so we can better define your ideal property.
  • Once we’ve defined an ideal outcome, I’ll set up a property search using your needs as a guide. Using your feedback, I’ll continue to refine my search so you’ll see only the best homes available.
  • When you do find your perfect home, I’ll assist in your Due Diligence so you can make a smart and informed decision.

A Skilled Negotiator

  • Before we preset the offer, we’ll discuss market protocol and review the market analysis. That information will help us create your preferred price range.
  • The negotiation process is often overlooked, but when handled correctly, this phase can turn a great deal into a fantastic one. We’ll walk through this process together by preparing offers and outlining counter offer strategies. My goal, as always, if for you to come out on top.
  • Once we’ve settled on a sale price, I’ll negotiate the contract terms and deliver the Seller Disclosures.
  • I’ll also help you negotiate any needed home repairs.

An Expert Facilitator

  • Throughout the closing process, I’ll help accomplish all the tasks that accompany buying a home. From coordinating the home inspection, to opening an escrow account, to converting your utilities. I’ll make sure everything gets done right the first time.
  • There are also financial concerns to monitor, so I’ll stay in contact with the home appraiser and mortgage originator so there won’t be any surprises.
  • I’ll facilitate the final property walk through and attend the closing.
  • Then we celebrate!

I Would Love To Help!